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My son and his family have just moved to Los Angeles and we visiting the area for the first time in a few weeks. We will be in what appears to be the northeast section of town, La Canada.


If you locals would list a few of the top spots to visit... it would be helpful. If your list has a BMW/Bike slant, even better...


or to avoid... as well.



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I recently read an article about the "Gang Tours". They take you on a special bus that the gangs have agreed to leave alone and you get to tour the gang neighborhoods and see real gang members.

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La Canada itself is among the best areas of that town! Route 2 is the "Angeles Crest" road, a motorcycling paradise. I wonder what kind of shape its in nowadays, though, given the intense forest fires that hit the area last year. Anyhow, very scenic, so bring the camera.


And I always enjoyed hanging out in Pasadena on Friday and Saturday nights. Lot's of vibrant night life and fun around the book stores and restaurants (There's a Barnes & Nobel and some nice eateries in there, but I don't remember the street names).


Lots to do where you're going.

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Given your interests, you really must check out the major museums. The LA County, the Gettys, others. You can find them on line as easily I can.


I used to go to Pasadena a lot as former corporate headquarters is there. Agree, a nice place to stroll and eat on an evening. Mid to high end dining and shopping in about a 5 block area. Basically HERE.


The various beach communities are of interest. Santa Monica is money, money, money with high end shopping and dining. Nearby Venice is where I believe there is more of a carnival set-up... maybe a local can help straighten those details out for you a bit...


Malibu, to the north, leads to prime riding, The Rock Store, and scenic views.



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Beemerman, the Crest is closed from La Canada to Mt Wilson. WIth the new rains it could possibly be closed beyond the expected December opening date.

If you wanna go to Newcombs Ranch, ya gotta go out to Big Tujunga Cyn and up from there. Follow the signs.

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I was wondering if there were any of those parking lot hot rod gatherings, or exotic cars or bikes, maybe a Cafe Racer hang out? etc...

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There are some cafe racers around, mostly in the central L A area, or around Silver Lake.

But they make runs around to various places.

Try some of the websites for them. It's a trip or adventure anywhere in this town. But avoid the 5 as much as possible.

Set a direction and explore.

Big Bear Lake, Palm Springs, by way of Palms to Pines, Ortega Hwy, like they say Crest is closed, but there are ways around the closed parts, or out Angeles Forest Hwy, I think that is open all the way out.

Julian, Solvang.

I think in terms of bike riding, the beach cities are too crowded, and too slow. Stoplight to stoplight. Better to get out of town for the open 2 lane roads.


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Sunday morning at the Rock Store on Mulholland Drive in the Santa Monica mountains.

With access to Newcomb's limited this has become THE place to check out performance cars and bikes.

+1 on Pasadena's old town. Park anywhere you can near Fair Oaks and Colorado Blvds. and spend the evening strolling and people watching. :thumbsup:

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Pro Italia for bikes on Verdugo Rd is right where you will be. Go to La Cabanita for REAL mexican food (Tony's A+). it's right by PI on the same street. Bob's Big boy in Toluca Lake (Burbank) on Friday for car night. Rock Store on Muholland on the weekend for more bikes... There is always something happening pretty much every day. It's L.A. baby!

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Peterson Auto museum Wilshire+Fairfax


If you have a cam w/telephoto lens:

LA Zoo

SD wild animal park in Escondidio


Universal Studios


Long Beach Aquarium


For people watching Venice is hard to beat.

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Jeepster: That's it, Colorado Blvd. I couldn't remember the name of that street for some reason. Yes, I used to park my BMW motorcycle in front of the Barnes and Nobel along with several other motorcycles. Then I'd browse the book store and go get some dinner. Nice and relaxing place to be on a Friday or a Saturday evening.


notacop: I am sorry to hear that the Crest is closed. I was last in LA Labor Day weekend 2009. Here's a shot from Wilshire Blvd and 2nd Street in Santa Monica, clear on the other side of the city from the Crest, of the "Station" fire that was blazing that area up in smoke at that time. Those are not clouds, folks. That's smoke from the forest fires!




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skinny_tom (aka boney)

I think there's a cruise-in at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank on Friday nights. There should be a good selection of older cars there.

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Checked the VBMW motorcycle site for ya.


YOu might be too late for this:


Central Coast Classic Motorcycle Rally


But maybe not this:


Vintage BMW car meet


Ooooh! Sidecars! Shhh. Don't tell Ms. J! :/


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

Last Updated: 08/28/2010 - 08:02


SPECTATORS FREE !!! Learn all about sidecars and see some of all the best and most unusual sidecars

in the world at this years. Sunday 9 A.M. - 3 P.M. Come Early!


Doug Bingham, known to sidecar fans as “Mr. Sidecar,” has made his living with sidecars through his business, Side Strider Inc., which he launched in 1969. Forty years later, he’s still importing sidecars, building sidecars and providing sidecars for bicycle races and the movie industry, where Doug gets to mix it up with the Hollywood glitterati. Ever seen the sidecar chase scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? You’ve seen Doug’s work, because he’s the man the producers turned to for that scene, relying on Doug for equipment and expertise.


For Information call (818) 780-5542 and ask for Doug Bingham. The location of the event is at Lot 2 at the Merry-Go-Round. For details of the location within the park are at http://sidestrider.com/map2.htm.




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