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cross reference spark plug 2010 1200gsa

Bruce H

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Does anyone have a cross reference for spark plugs 2010 R1200 GSA? the ones I found listed in the maintenance section of this forum match my 2007 but the 2010 is different. The NGK plug listed is MAR8BJDS, my local auto parts store says they can not cross reference this plug and it has to come from a BMW dealer. The ones I purchased from Sierra cost 20 bucks each plus freight. My local dealer didn't have any.

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Check out www.euromotoelectrics.com in Golden Co.

They can fix you up for about $8 per plug. The special NGK is a marketing ploy to make you buy from the dealer at an exhorbinate price. I went to Bosch as they are the standard for Europe. Save lotsa bucks here.

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chaparral is right, Bruce, the NGK plugs are BMW-only. I suggest you call NGK's U. S. tech line; they'll be able to tell you what will work, available from auto parts stores. I did just that a couple years ago with my RT. Tech line, not customer service.

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