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Buying Tires

Dave Faria

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I have the feeling that -- unless you really love (or hate) some particular tire, brand doesn't really matter; go by price, and buy whatever is on sale. I'm currently running Pirelli Angels, and hope they will last longer than the Conti Road Attacks that were previously on the bike. The CRAs turned in a little a quicker, and were quieter, but I'm hoping the Pirellis will last longer than 7000 miles.

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I think I am a tire "freak" and probably have spent way too much on tires over the years for my cars. I have tried several brands but always return to Michelin. On both BMW Motorcycles I have always used Metzeler tires.


I am not sure Metzeler's are available on line but when I am due for tires again I will certainly look on line for good prices but I am sure I will stay with Metzeler.





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I will need new tires soon for my 2007 RT. Has anyone used dual compound tires? What is your experience? What are your recommendations? :S

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