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HIstory's most dangerous roads


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I enjoy watching the "ice road truckers" on the Dalton because I've ridden it in the summer on a BMW. Now they have expantd the series into "History's Most Dangerous Roads" with the first one being some road in northern Inia that looks every bit as bad as the one most of us have seen on video in south America. Cool series!!!

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Great show. Alex figured out, after two crashes getting out of town, that the drivers there (India) are crazy and went home alive.


Lisa, after a bout with heat exhaustion, seems about to figure out the same thing and go back to Alaska.


The third guy (newbie to IRT) seems constantly about to have a stroke with drivers pulling blind passes in turns on a two lane road.


Interesting show with terrible roads.

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What about the ROAD to RUIN?

Didja ever wonder on the Ice Truckers, how they just happened to have a camera under the river when they fell through?

Buncha malarkey. It's all staged.

If you take out the human factor, most all roads are safe.

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

Great show, although the new guy needs to chill out a bit. Clearly, passing on blind double yellows is the norm there, particularly when following slow underpowerd trucks up the hill. Now, the bridge, that's nother story. WOW!

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I know I won't be renting a car the next time I visit India.

OTH, I'd like to see some of them little, rugged diesel cars imported in the US.

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The Bolivia road pics I've seen look very much like these in this TV show in northern India. I would not drive a cage on either but would consider a small moto.

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Ice road became boring to me long ago.

But this was on last night and it was a nice change. But once is enough. They only showed that car door being crunched 15 times. That's a bit too melodramatic for me.


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then why have a road at all?


Chickens have to have something to cross!


Human factor, as in DUMB! Folks with smarts can do lots without causing a problem...Duh. But then, that's the human factor.

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Tried to watch this on Sunday. I mistakenly thought it was a National Geographic type show. Turned it off before they even got to the mountains. The whole concept of having the Ice Road drivers is too scripted.

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