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Oil Sight glass just left me


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I was sitting at idle in Downtown Vancover,Washington, big cloud of smoke out the left side, blew out the oil sight glass, lucky I was not moving, so I was able to retrieve the sight glass window.


Took the left side fairing off, and reinstalled the oil window (press to fit).


Now my question, how long will it last??

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It wont. Replace with new or expect this to happen over and over until you lose so much oil that the bike seizes and it 's all over for that ride.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Get a new one. Clean the seat completely of all debris and oil. Press in with a 30mm socket or seal/bearing drift.


Curiously, my leaking one came out with almost no effort. The new one was tough to get in.

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One of my riding friends lost two site glasses , one on each RS he had. Most aggravating. Whenever you see some weeping of oil from the site glass, it's time to get new. BMW was too cheap to use a 10 cent retainer so it can cost an engine.

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