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First ride


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Well NOT MY first ride :grin:..my first ride on my new to me 1996 r1100rt...i bought it on ebay and actually got it one full week earlier than my shipping bid quoted.


It got here thursday aftrenoon 9/30/'10, JUST in time for a freak southern california thunderstorm to roll thru and prevent me from a first day ride...i use the time to check out the bike and read up in the owners manual, check air, oil, and anything else before i ride it...


Friday,10/1 i get up recheck a few things and do some honey doos and text a buddy to meet up for lunch, i then take off for her maiden voyage.


i ride town and run a few errands, and then meet at my buddies house to ride to lunch. He rides a gorgeous '66 Norton Atlas 750 that is set up as a Manx...short rides for him..We get some lunch and take off for a 40 mile ride out thru wine country in So. Cal, temecula...gorgeous ride even with a couple miles of rain..split up at his house and i cruise home for a total of 100 miles or so.


So today, 10/2 i had plans to ride with some friends from another Dual sport site to do a street ride, but it was pouring rain down in San Diego where they are at. So me and my neighbor who rides a Harley Electra, but he really rides it... We head out with NO plan on where we are going and just ride watching the sky making a big loop up thru La Cresta, De Luz, Fallbrook, Pala, Santa Isabella, Julian, San Felipe {not mexico} Warner Springs, Anza, Hemet, Menifee, and home to Lake Elsinore...


Great day, Sorry for NO pics, my camera is broken, but 220 miles and 5 hours in the seat...no problems...love my first beemer so far..

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