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rear brake pad replacement


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It's really very straightforward; I did mine last week. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the old brake residue, and brake parts cleaner. The only tools needed are the big hex wrench from your tool kit, a hammer, and a nailset, or similar piece of metal with a small diameter tip.


1. Pull the circlip off the pin at the rear of the caliper, then tap the pin out using a hammer and something like a nailset that is smaller than the diameter of the pin. After you get the pin out, clean it thoroughly (I usually use chrome polish), then lightly lubricate it with some caliper grease. Set aside.


2. Remove the two big bolts with the appropriate size hex wrench.


3. Slide the caliper up and off the disc rotor; you may have to wiggle it a little to push the pads away from the rotor.


4. Leave the outer pad that sits on the caliper piston in place, and using a C-clamp (or 2, if you wish) tighten and slowly push the caliper piston all the way in.


5. While you have everything apart, clean with brake parts cleaner


6. Drop the new pads in place, then put everything back together.


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