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LED brake light


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A while back there were some instructions on installing a "super bright" led tail light.


I have looked for it using the search function but had no results.


Any one remember and have a reference?



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I read all the postings and the GREAT write-up regarding the Whelen LED light head addition to the RT and I am sad to admit that I am confused about the electrical hookup.

Since the RT uses PCM (pulse code modulation) to supply FULL 12 Volts AT ALL TIMES to the bulbs, why doesn't the Whelen light up and STAY lit continuously as long as the key is on???

Are the LEDs in the Whelen light head capable of being modulated at 50% for tail light use and then go full bright when the modulation increases to 100% for brake light use? Obviously this works fine for the 1156 bulbs the RT uses, but how do the LEDs reaspond to this PCM control?


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Sorry I can't help you with this answer. I have mine connected where it only operates as a brake light. So it is off unless the brakes are applied, when that happens it flashes quickly a few times and then stays at full brightness.


I had Hyperlights connected before the Whelen, actually they still are connected. Now the Hyperlights and the stock tail light are on all the time. Previously the Hyperlights would brighten and flash with application of the brake. About the time I switched to the Whelen the Hyperlights stopped flashing on brake application. So the Whelen was the item I wanted at the time.


In summary, I have the stock tail/brake light, Hyperlights that act as running lights only, that is they are on all the time, and the Whelen. On brake application the stock brake light brightens and the Whelen light quickly flashes to get drivers attention and then stays bright until brakes are released.


From my experience it seems the Whelen get's drivers' attention pretty well.

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Very interesting! This makes it seem like the Whelen does not sense the 50% PCM source, and only comes on at 100%.

Could you please exactly which Whelen light head model you used. There apparently are several variations.


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I did the search "Whelan" for you... :wave:


Whelan Aux Light Install

Thanks, but as I mentioned in my original posting, I had read thru all those postings, and none addressed my specific question.


Bernd, go back and read through it again; it lists the particular Whelen light assembly I used. I don't know why the Whelen doesn't work as a tail light, but I like it that way...I wanted it that way.

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