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RT stereo


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WELL IT FINALLY GOT HERE...my new to me glacier green 1996 r1100rt with 14,600 miles on it....it is cleaner than it looked on the ebay add...very minor damage...


my question is...the bike came with both the service log book for the r series bikes and the owners manual, but not a word in it about the stereo...i have the anti theft code for it but cant figure out how to punch in the code....



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It's quite easy. Turn the key on and turn the power switch on the stereo on. Hold down the "band" button for 2 or 3 seconds to clear any previous attempts at the code. Then use the staion preset numbers to enter the code. After the last number has been entered the stereo should jump to life and you can tune your favorite station.


Note. If you have the handlebar mounted volume control you might need to push down on the stereos volume contol to switch between controlling the volume from the stereo and the handlebar switch. When the little red light on the handlebar switch is on . . . that controls the volume. If the light is off then the stero is in charge.

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awesome, thanks brrrd. that was the info i needed i will try it first thing in the morning....sounds easy, but if you dont know how, i doubt i would have figured that out...


thanx for helpin out a n00b

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okay so i entered the code as described and the stereo head turned on and i was able to change stations and it LOOKED like it was all on but NO sound with either the volumn switch on the bars or the knob on the deck itself...any ideas?

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maybe, it feels like the speakers are just disconnected or something...all of the display works, you can change the station and the trebble/bass/balance....am/fm1-fm2,mono,stereo...everything seems to work fine, but no sound not even a crackle...my guess is gonna be wiring to speakers...


thanks for the help guys

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Evening Kmac


I can’t remember if the 1100 radio has the mute button like the 1150 did? If so make sure it isn’t muted. Also try holding the mute button down for a few seconds that might change the band selection.


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me and my neighbor both looked at it and could not find a mute button...i would take it apart and look at the wiring...but im having too much fun riding right now


maiden ride was about 100 miles just to shake her down, then recheck all of the air/fluids....and tomorrow {day 2}...300 mile day planned in sunny southern california....

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