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Cardo Scala Rider Q2 AGC problems


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First of all, we love our Cardo Scala Rider Q2 Multiset system. Being able to converse between rider and passenger has been wonderful on our tours as well as weekend rides.


We have experienced some problems with the AGC, Automatic Voice Control portion of the units. Sometimes it will suddenly be VERY loud and then after 1 - 2 seconds will drop down to almost not loud enough then back up to a mid range. I went to the Cardo website and using their "contact" section I sent off an email to inquire if I could turn off or adjust the AGC. Within a couple of days I received this response (below). I haven't had the opportunity to try this yet but thought I would pass this on:


The AGC cannot be turned off. It is an important in integral part of how our systems work. However, it should not be behaving the way you report. Two things (besides a defect) can cause this and are easily fixable, if they are the cause of what you are experiencing.


First make sure the mic covers are the correct ones for they type of helmet you have. Out of the box the foam cover for the mics is meant for a full faced helmet. If you are not using a full faced helmet, and have not yet switched the foam cover to the alternate one that is supplied in the accessories area of the package, you should gently pull the old foam cover off slowly (so as not to rip it) and then gently stretch the new one on over the paddle shaped plastic that protects the mic. Also, while you have the cover off, make sure the mics are flipped the right way around. If you look inside the grill work that is on each flat side of the microphone paddle you will see that one side is pretty much black and the other side has a green circuit board and silver solder points. The Green and Silver side should be facing into the wind and the black side should face your mouth.


If this does not fix the issue, then you should perform this reset (which is not in the manual) on both Q2's, then pair them back together as noted in the intercom pairing section of the manual. This reset sometimes clears up issues in the AGC portion of the Q2's computer brain.


1) Perform FULL PAIRING RESET (not Intercom Pairing reset) to all Q2's.

2) With the Q2 powered on press and hold the control button until the unit begins to flash red and blue.

3) With the LED flashing red and blue, press and hold the volume up button for 5 seconds until the unit flashes purple and turns off.

4) You have now reset your unit.


If, after repairing you still have the issue, please call or write to us again for further assistance.


Please feel free to contact us if we can assist with any other questions.


Best regards,


Cardo Support Center





International +4989 450 36819


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