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Replacing trans. output seal R12RT--HELP!


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Has anyone here documented this procedure for a 2007 R1200RT? I have searched but did not find it. Mine has started leaking and would like to change it myself, if do-able.


Or if you've done it yourself and have some advice, that is also appreciated! :wave:

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Hi Bob


It’s pretty straight forward.


Remove the final drive and swing arm as a unit, including popping the front drive shaft off the trans output.

You will have to either break the rear brake line apart or figure a way to undo the rear caliper and brake line then tie it up. Also mind the ABS sensor wire.


Pry the old seal out (or use a couple of sheet metal screws into the seal to pull on).


Drive the new seal in with a proper sized piece of plastic tubing, or piece of pipe, or seal driver.




It would be a good time to remove the clutch slave cylinder to see if it is seeping or rusted. Some of the 1200RT clutch slave cylinders had issues.


If you do this on the center stand be sure to tie the stand in the deployed position as it is very easy to knock the bike off the center stand.


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Dirtrider, thanks for the advice. My dealer now says they will do it for 3 hours labor plus the seal. Not as bad as I thought it would be so am thinking I may let them do the work. I will play around with it first to size it up.


Thanks again!

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