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Changing sidelight bulbs


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Entry to the bulbs is behind the mirrors. Remove the mirrors with firm forward pressure then remove the fairing panel at the rear of the indicator by unscrewing the screws found at the top behind the mirror - be careful not to drop it! The sidelight bulb is then accessible through the aperture.

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Thanks Tilly. I'll have a go tonight. I remember seeing somewhere that the 2010 mirrors did not just push off like the 2008. Is it still a push fit for the 2010?

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Apologies, you are correct with the 2010 model (I have the old one with the nice indicator switches!!!) I spent a day at BMW Rider Training today and checked their 2010 model. The mirrors do not push off. I searched the riders manual for the 2010 model and it explains that if you push the lower outer corner of each mirror glass then this exposes a screw in the upper inner corner behind the mirror glass. It states there is a tool in your toolkit to undo it. It releases the indicator complete which then allows you access to the sidelight bulb.


Sorry for any misunderstanding.

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