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Did I make a mistake?


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I made the mistake of transitioning to synthetic at 1,000 miles and I'm just not happy with my oil consumption. I'm afraid I may have made the move to a different oil too soon because I seem to be burning oil at a much higher rate than is usual.

Question: Can I go back to dino oil now at 7,500 miles or am I Screwed? If I do go back, will I be able to resolve the oil burning issue or is it too late?


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You might want to post this question on the hex head forum. But no, you have not done any damage to your engine. Just drain the oil and change the filter and add the recommended oil (my 1200 riding buddy uses Castrol 10w40). Many folks will tell you that these motors have a long wear-in period. Some will tell you that once the intial break-in is over, you should ride it hard to seat the rings.

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Oil is oil, go back to dino if you want.

I'm not going to get into wear-in procedures here but all of my bikes have had the rings well seated and use no oil much past the 500 mile mark.

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When you go back to standard oil, ride the bike a little harder. You have plenty of miles now. You need to break the ring/liner seal surface in some. Take it up to red line or near and back down a couple of times, let things cool by riding normally, do it again. Ride hard when you can. The engine will treat you well for it. Don't dog it by riding under 4000 RPM all the time. Nail it going up hills. All that kind of stuff. I bet you will see your oil consumption drop. beech

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Many bikes and cars come from the factory with synthetic oil in them when new. That seems to blow the break in idea before synthetic out of the water.

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