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Anyone have a good PowerCommander III USB map for an 02' R1150RT?


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Bike is always grumpy at start, and between idle to approx 2500 revs, taking off the engine wants to drop out. So, opening the throttle and putting a load on the engine (instead of revving the bike on the centerstand), revolutions will increase slightly, but then it drops quickly, sputtering, and will die unless I really crank the throttle or let off almost completely.

At the 42K annual service I just had, mechanics took note of it, guessing the power commander was not properly adjusted. I went to their site and downloaded a map for my model (2002 R1150RT, Remus slip on with stock air filter), but the program told me I had the wrong map version for my power commander.

So, long story short, does anyone have a good PC III map?

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Morning W/D


With your bike having that battery cable issue have you re-set “or retrained” the TPS since the no start issue?


If not you should do that.


To re-set the TPS learn simply remove the Motronic fuse which is the 5th fuse in from the shifter side of the bike. Leave it out for about 30 seconds, then replace it. Now turn the key on but do not start the bike, then FULLY open and close the throttle twice. Make sure the chokes in not on during the re-set. Then turn the key off. Then just start the engine and ride off normally.


If your TPS is not reset correctly sometimes they can run like yours seems to be just above idle.


Worth a try anyways.



On your PC-111, have you verified it is getting power and operating OK. After that battery cable issue maybe it has a blown fuse or has a scrambled memory. Not sure if it will help but maybe try pulling the fuse for a few minutes to see if it will reset.

If it still acts up try calling the Power Commander tec help line. They should be able to direct you on proper map upload or possible problem detection on the PC-111.


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I agree with Andy. I thought seriously about a Power Commander or a Techlusion at one time. Then I went back into the bike and did a real good TB balance and a good valve adjust and the surging almost completely went away. I found that I didn't need an extra piece of equipment to muddy the waters.

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I agree with Andy. I thought seriously about a Power Commander or a Techlusion at one time. Then I went back into the bike and did a real good TB balance and a good valve adjust and the surging almost completely went away. I found that I didn't need an extra piece of equipment to muddy the waters.


Hi Bill


Don’t write off either the Power Commander or a Techlusion until you have tried one and spent some time riding with one installed.

Either of those can transform the 1150 BMW boxer into a smooth running non surging fun to ride motorcycle.

Just try one or the other and you will see what you have been missing. No surging “almost gone”, it will be gone, no flat spots, can pull that high 6th gear at lower RPM’s. Not so much down shifting to 5th to climb slight hills.


It looks like you have the 1100 BMW, if so those can be made OK with the stock Motronic 2.2 as there is decent open loop maps in that box. The 1150 Ma 2.4 only has closed loop maps in it and the open loop fueling control isn’t as well defined as the Ma 2.2 was.


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Hey Dirtrider,


Yes I was referring to my R1100. I am sure the units are great for some surging situations, I didn't need it and I only have 5 gears.


A couple of questions though on some things I am not sure about: The op has a 2002 R1150, weren't they still single spark or had they changed to dual? I have seen a lot of highly technical explanations of the mapping, Power Commander and Techlusion that are way beyond my comprehension. In simple terms, it was my understanding that basically, changing the MAP or adding one of these units simply makes a richer mixture? I am sure it does a lot more sophisticated things as well.

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Morning Bill


Yes, the 2002 1150RT is a single spark. Those were the worst for surging and runability problems. They were even worse than the 1100 single spark.


On your Techlusion or Power Commander?

On the BMW boxer applications both of those units do add fuel and richen the mixture but neither can control the spark tables.

Both can be set or adjusted to only add fuel in the inherent weak or surging areas like light load above idle and some high throttle conditions.

Problem with the basic BMW boxer design is large pistons and rather poorly configured combustion chambers due to the 4 valve angle. Both of those conditions do not like to operate at top efficiency in the stokeometric window imposed by the requirements of catalytic converter efficiency and cat protection. On the early single spark 1150 applications the only fueling maps in the Motronic are designed as closed loop operation so relay heavily on the o2 sensor for fueling control feed back. That also means the fueling while under o2 control is held real close to 14.7:1. That is just too lean for even ignition in the large single spark combustion chambers as the outer edges of the chamber are slow to ignite. The later dual spark engines addressed some of the lean ignition at the chamber extremes but still ran a little lean at light load light throttle conditions.


What the aftermarket fuel controllers do is allow a little richer therefore easier to ignite mixture so engine response and light load even operation is vastly improved.


At least on most of the 1100 Ma 2.2 systems there was a decent open loop non converter equipped map in the Motronic to allow a somewhat decent engine fueling. Not as good as what can be achieved with a properly adjusted aftermarket fuel controller but at least good enough to lower the surging to an acceptable level.


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Hello all,


Regarding chucking the PCIII in the round file, I rode my old bike (the dearly beloved '94 R1100RSL Big Bertha) without a PC for 7 years before picking up a used PC and plugging it in. What a difference it made! No surging, a very noticeable improvement in performance with the trade-off of a little bit of MPG. And since the PC III was there when I purchased my new ride, it seemed best to me to keep it where it was.

As per dirtrider's suggestion to reset the TPS, that's something I will definitely do (once it stops raining). [And yes, dirtrider, the positive battery lead was loose--tightened it up and she's running strong.]

I figured it's either Motronic, TPS, or PC III since the bike just went through the 42K annual service (since BMW mechanics always do a thorough check, right? RIGHT?!?). Seems I may actually have to break out the manual and tune the PC III...well, it's a good excuse to get dirty, I suppose...

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