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Leaf Report: North Central Pennsylvania


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I did a 380 mile loop through the elk country of north central Pennsylvania yesterday. There are spots with very nice color, but the leaves are at about 40-50%. Next week and the week after should be great. There are a lot of people "leaf peeking" on weekends though.


The Route



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Good news. The wife and I will be leaving Cincinnati on Thursday and taking a 2 day trip on back roads to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. We're taking a southern route across Ohio on Rt 50 that takes us into WV before turning NE. Nice to hear that the leaves may be peaking during our visit.


We are thinking about taking Rt 6 west on the way back next week to catch the show in northern PA.



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My gripe with 6 is that the road itself is in terrible condition and badly needs paved. At least the section between Wellsboro and Coudersport which is all I've ridden.

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