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Bmweerman's accident-3 years later-a note from Patti


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It's been over 3 years since Cameron had his really bad accident. In the process of his healing, it became apparent that I need some healing, as well.


So, with encouragement from several people, including my therapist, I have embarked on a personal journey to review what happened, to make sense of it. I'm working on a book about it, from my perspective.


In reviewing the posts I made on this forum and all the supportive comments, I can't imagine a better group of friends for either of us to have. I just wanted you to know that every word still means as much to me today.


I'm currently about 7 chapters into what will probably end up being 20+. I'll definitely let you know when I finish.


Thank you so much, again!


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Accidents have many victims who must learn to deal with a new reality.

The person in the accident, the "other party" if there is one, the family and friends of both, the authorities who create boundaries to operate in, and all the well meaning people who contribute their input, particularly wrt mc accidents.

Processing it all can be hard.

Good luck with book.

I'm sure it will be an interesting read.

Best wishes.

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Thank you, Tim! I saw your comments often. Pulling it all out and taking a really good look at it is an interesting, if not incredibly emotional, undertaking. The book is called "The Lines" and I'm plugging along with it. It takes so much out of me, that small bites are all I can handle per sitting. It is very good therapy!



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I remember the incident well. I pray that you both are doing well and able to move forward.


It is really good to hear from you Patti, keep writing, and keep us informed.



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Rally tough 'job', Patti, but very courageous. Good luck with the writing and more importantly, with keeping good memories alive !

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I think it will help you and make for an interesting read...


Don't forget the rebuilding party! I certainly won't since i drilled my thumb clean through the middle and not only had to ride home that way but it was the first :mad: water pump to go on the GT. ahhhh, fond memories!


What a ride home that was!

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