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Camhead break-in guidance?


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There is much written here about break in ... I have had lots (more than 10) new boxers ... my new camhead has over 7000miles on it

There is only ONE way the run them in if you wish to get the best long term performance and lowest oil comsumption ...

JUST RIDE IT NORMALLY ... forget about all the stuff about avoiding anything ... just ride it as you intend to ... DO NOT baby it !!

Enjoy your new bike

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To answer you question specifically, per BMW; do not lug the engine, do not go at wide open throttle and do not exceed 4,000 rpm on any sustained basis for first 600 miles. Do vary your rpm's from time to time and don't ride at constant road speed for any long distances.


Ideally the BMW guide would have one riding in the 2,500 to 4,000 rpm range over hilly/twisty roads while using full range of rpm (up to 4,000) shifting often and medium throttle application.


In general ride it "normally" in middle third of power band while not babying or abusing it for 600 miles. Build rpm at a moderate rate and let off throttle on occasion, this helps stress the moving parts, but also allows oil to maintain maximum cylinder wall contact and vary temps in all bearings, gears and other fiction locations.

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Here's exactly what it says in the manual for the 2010 RT:


Running in

The first 1000 km

While running in the motorcycle, vary the throttle opening and engine speed range frequently; avoid riding at constant engine rpm for prolonged periods. Try to do most of your riding during this initial period on twisting, fairly hilly roads. Comply with the rpm limits for running in.

Running-in speeds

<5500 min-1 (Odometer reading 0...200 km)

<6500 min-1 (Odometer reading 200...400 km)

<7500 min-1 (Odometer reading 400...600 km)

maximum engine rpm for short bursts (Odometer read- ing 600...900 km)

Do not omit the first inspection after 500 - 1200 km.

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Thanks to all for the feedback. My primary concern was regarding the RPM recommendations for the first 600 miles - and from the feedback, it looks like there is no change between the hexheads and camheads.

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