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"DWA" in Rider Display?


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I am seeing "DWA" and what looks like an AA Battery symbol directly under it 1/2 charged at the top of the rider display on my 05 RT right as I turn the key to start the bike. It goes away as the bike starts. It's been too fast for me to get a photo of it.


I asked at Frank's BMW in Essex Junction, VT a few weekends ago what it was and he suggested it was the Anti-Theft Alarm system informing me of the need to replace the battery in the alarm fob. All the signal lights on my alarm fobs (I have 2) are lighting up normally and both set and unset the alarm system. I has assumed the on bike system was somehow communication with the alarm fob in my pocket even when I was not using it and producing the above mentioned display. Today, I left both fobs in my bedroom and took the bike out. The DWA display is still there although it does not always show up.


Anyone out there have a clue as to what's going on?

Thanks in advance :S

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Hi Roy


There are some batteries inside the on-bike part of that anti theft system. You have to open the anti theft module to access them. This is more than likely your issue.


If you look through the archives here there is some info on replacing those batteries.


Click Here


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The DWA is the alarm on your bike and the low battery symbol is referring to the backup batteries in the actual alarm module under the passenger seat on the bike. The backup batteries are there to allow the alarm to sound even in the event of disconnection of the main battery.


You should have a separate small manual for the alarm which describes the icon etc. and what to do about it.


Despite what your dealer said, the DWA module on the bike has no way to determine the condition of the battery in the key fob remote.

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Buy 2 CR123A batteries.


Turn the ignition on and remove the cable that attaches to the alarm unit under the rear luggage rack. If you don't the alarm will go off, don't ask how I know...


Remove the front screw that is holding down the alarm unit (in the middle).


Pull the unit out.


Remove the 4 screws that hold the cover to the alarm unit.


Remove the 2 screws that hold the battery cover.


Replace batteries. Dispose of properly.


Reverse the procedure and ride off in the sunset.



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So, I assume this is the alarm unit?




If so, removing that front screw (hidden behind a wire) will enable me to pull the entire unit out? I hope so because it looks near impossible to reach those screw heads under the luggage rack area.


Thanks, :Cool:



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Well, it turns out that that IS the alarm system and Tapatio's instructions were right on. However, it want's LITHIUM batteries which I had to go to Radio Shack to get. I also got a stubby screwdriver that would accept the torx bit to remove the front screw. It just barely fit.


Job done!


Roy :thumbsup:

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