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1996 R1100RT virgin


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Hey all,

Im new here. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

I am a regular on "san diego adventure riders" and "thumper talk" and an occasional poster on advrider.

EVERYTHING is say is an attempt to be funny....usually NOT funny, but, WTH worth a shot once in a while.


I will apologize in advance to those i WILL offend at some point. I am a "good intentions/poor results" guy lol


I have 40 years of riding experience, at 46 yrs old thats pretty good. I raced MX and desert in so cal. for MANY years and only stopped 10 years or so ago from racing almost everyweekend. Just bought my first BMW. A used 1996 r1100rt. Looking forward to reading here and asking for some help.

If I can ever help with anything for others i will be happy to help out.

Thanks Kelly

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Thanx all for the welcome.

I have ridden about everything....just had to sell my awesome and well farkled '08 ktm 530excr. I have had a pretty bad fall at work, im a carpenter and a ladder just took off out from under me and i racked my neck. I now have a bulged disc on both c5/6 and c6/7. The whole dirt bike think is out for a while.

I figure i can ride on the street reasonably comfortably, but the MX thing is out...thats why i bought the smoothest of all bikes...a beemer. I also currently own a '65 ym1 yamaha 305

back to previous bikes--08 yz450f, 04 yz250 2t, 00 ktm 400sxc dual sport, 00 yz250, 97 ktm620 rxc plated, 96 yz250, 91 kx250, 87 k250, 87 kx 500, 87 gsxr750, 83 IT490, 81 IT175, 76 rm125, multiple yam DT's and RD's, a new 71 jt60 in '70, a 62 triumph tiger cub 200, and many honda 50/55/70/90/110 step thrus.

my daughter currently currently rides a 07 wr250f, and has had a 04 ttr125LE, 01 drz110, 99 lt80 quad when she was 6....

we are a riding family....

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Oh yeah...my bmw is not the fastest color...yet..

it is teal silver...not my fav, but i will fix that...


im thinking some blue with white/orange graphic...not sure yet.


orange is my favorite color so that has to be in there somewhere..


if any of you are on any of the other sites i use, sdar advrider TT, my name over there is kellymac530...if you know me there, dont tell anyone here what a weenie i am...

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Duh, forgot to mention the handful of harleys i have had...yes i know....i said a dirty word...i will wash my mouth out with soap later...trust me im OVER the HD thing

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