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Paul Mihalka

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The BMW F800R, a naked not-GS F800, is definitely coming to the USA. A basic non-ABS no-nothing bike will be under $10.000. General pricing will be half way between the F650GS and the F800ST. As it is not a GS, if they would have asked me I would have put the belt drive on it instead of chain. Plan is to be a hot light bike. Has 87 hp at 8.000 rpm vs. 85 hp at 7.500 rpm of the ST, with very short gearing. 6th gear will be like the 5th of the ST.

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Does it have GS or ST type frame?


(if it has chain drive, logic would suggest also the GS style trellis frame)


[edit] Just Googled it up and it has aluminum cast frame like the ST.

Hot looking scooter, BTW.


[another edit] Will I be able to ride like Chris Pfeiffer if I buy one? :grin:




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Shhh, don't tell Jamie!


Too late. She loves it. A blend of her old F800ST, more ergos resembling her F650GS and a motor designed around what she is looking for.


Beta testers, get to work!



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Oh look, a Shiver, only not quite as sleek. Tank looks to be a bit bigger though. Other competition would be those looking to upgrade from the Japanese 600/650 twins.


This market isn't very big here in the US of A but in Europe these lightweight twins are likely to be huge.

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Beta testers, get to work!


The bike has been available elsewhere for some time. I had a ride on one more than a year ago, and posted about it at the time. F800R Short Ride. So maybe it's safe to consider one when they finally arrive in the USA.

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What would it compete with?


It would also be a pretty attractive competitor to my Street Triple. Though it is a bit down in HP by comparison, it probably has better torque, more room, a bit nicer for an occasional short term passenger, and some nicer shiny bits, like those Brembos. It would do everything a Tourer/Sport Tourer couldn't, and then some it could.

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Just look at that chain adjuster. No easy swappo-changeo from the belt of the ST.

What-y-ya bet folks complain about the lack of fairing and wind screen.

Oh, the competition, maybe a Triumph?

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