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2008 K1200GT Rear Brake Failure/Meltdown


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I was on an ride from my home in eastern Oregon to the coast. I was between Bend and Sisters preparing to make a left turn at an intersection. I hit a red light and was about to stop when I heard a screaching sound, kind of like worn out truck brakes. When I started to proceed throught the intersection, the bike did not want to move. The rear brake was pretty much locked up. Not wanting to stay in the intersection, I powered through the brakes to a nearby parking lot. I got off the bike, there was smoke comming off the rear caliper, mostly because the rear brake line had melted and fluid was leaking onto the hot caliper. The rear brake lever was frozen solid and could not be moved. After things quit melting and the smoke cleared, the lever would move, but this only resulted in more smoke. After about 30 minutes and several phone calls, things finally cooled off. By then, all the brake fluid had leaked out and the brake was free. Not wanting to ride 101 with no rear brake, and not knowing if it would lockup again, I elected to ride the 350 miles back home. There were no further problems, but it was hard not to use the rear brake. Oh yeah, the Brake Failure light stayed on. I have an appointment in Boise next week, at which time I will have both the 12000 mile service and rear brake repair. If they have to replace both the rotor and caliper, the bill for both the service and repair will be approx $1900.00. Anyone have any idea what might have happened here? <<<>>>

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Not to take away from your situation but rear brake problems are all the rage on the 800 forum. Lots of us have had issues. Mine was a lack of lube on the rear brake pedal pivot. Caused disc and pad wear. Since I found and corrected the problem I haven't noticed any further wear.

Oh, rear pad and disc wasn't covered under warranty according to the shop manager. Normal wear items. Yeah, right, worn rear brakes at 12K miles? Get outta here.

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I had rear brake freeze on a 2005 F650GS - Alamo BMW replaced everything under warranty. 3 weeks later same thing happened - this time they billed me $850 - I got my money back 6 months later. Their comment - said I was riding my back brake.. BS

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