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K12GT - When did they go to hydraulic brakes vs Power Assist.


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I have a 2004 RT, and am looking for a newer (2006+) K1200 GT. I understand that in 2007, BMW went with hydraulic ABS semi-linked brakes and stopped using the electric, power assist braking system. Is that true, and if so, what year. I do like how powerful the power assist is, but in some cases, they are a tad too touchy - especially at slower speeds. I also thought that if that power assist system went, it's one of the more costly failures, i.e. $2500 for part.






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The Continental-Teves system (non wizzy) went into production in 2007 for the KGT. It is every bit as powerful as the servo driven boosted system and much less complicated and costly to service or replace.

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That is what I heard, but did not have confirmation on. Simply put, is this a hydraulic with semi linked ABS?


And am I correct in staying that the rear brake does the rear, and that front brake manages both front and rear.


Thank you.


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