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A different kind of riding....


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So Saturday was a frustrating day to say the least, culminating in a wasted journey to take the daughter to a singing festival rehearsal that it turns out wasn't until next week :mad:


When I got home I just had to get on the bike and spend a bit of time doing what I wanted to do - riding the bike. Trouble was that everyone else had had the same idea. I'd accelerate out of a speed limit only to have racers pass me by at silly speed. I'd sit behind a stream of cars because there were double lines in the middle of the road, only have other bikes cross the lines and overtake on corners. I don't know what the cage drivers thought but I can guess and after an hour of my fellow bikers treating the crowded roads like a personal racetrack I'd had enough.


So I took the first turn off the A-road and started wandering around tiny country roads, through villages with thatched cottages, along roads with grass growing in the middle, through places that were no more than 40 miles from home but I'd never been there before. Then I remembered why I like biking.


I think it was Robert Pirsig who said something along the lines of "in a car you pass through the scenery, on a bike you are part of it".


I think I have just discovered a different kind of riding and its a heck of a lot better than what I was doing before :grin:

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The standard of our driving test is low so we get the driving we deserve ... and our island is too crowded.

Congratulations on finding some nice "B" and "C" roads to play on.


Have just had a lovely weekend of quiet roads in the Pas-de-Calais area and western Belgium with my daughter rising pillion ....Bliss!

Chocolate was good as well.



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I'm envious of that type of countryside surroundings. I lived in Soham for two years, not far from you. I recall borrowing a friends motorcycle on a number of weekends (weather permitting, so there were just a few :/ ), trying to get as lost as possible and to find my way back. Not sure I found the best roads in East Anglia, but it was lovely riding.

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That sounds like a lovely ride. I remember those roads with the thatched cottages well. I was stationed near Bedford in the 60s and used to love to drive my MGB on those roads. We werent permitted to have a motorcycle in those days, but the MGB was a blast. :thumbsup:

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