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How I love my RT....


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I have an '07 R1200RT that I bought several months ago after riding cruisers for 25 years. Prior to the RT I had several large metric cruisers. At most I could ride 500 miles on a cruiser. Even with good quality aftermarket seats. After riding 200 miles or so I would be really looking forward to fuel stops at 150 miles or so and my butt would be literally burning at 500 miles. Not fun. Especially since I really enjoy long distance touring riding.


I just came back yesterday from a 7 day 3500 mile riding week in Colorado. I rode from Dallas to Gunnison Colorado, which is about 835 miles one way in one shot. I never in a million years thought that would have been possible after my cruiser experiences! I was a little antsy the last 125-150 miles, but not in pain at all. I do have an aftermarket seat (Touratech Kahedo) which at first I thought was way too hard, but now that it's broken in is a real joy. In addition to the 800+ mile ride there and back I rode every day anywhere from 300-450 miles on day trips. No pain. No monkey butt. Nothing!


Before I got my RT I was always afraid of making the switch to the sport touring riding position from the cruiser seating position. Now I can honestly say that I waited about 15 years too long to figure out that the seating position on a sport touring bike is way better than that of a cruiser for long distance riding.


So far I'm very pleased!



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I absolutely agree. I did more than 3600 miles over five days in August, roundtrip Houston, TX to Lancaster, PA and whether I was on an Interstate or in the Mountains, the bike was smooth and responsive and a joy to ride 700+ mile days.


I did the same kind of riding on my '03 1150, and it was great, but my '07 hexhead is better in so many ways.



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