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FD magnet ??


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Did the FD fluid change on the 05RT and had a accumulation of magnetic "fuzz" on the ABS sensor. Cleaned it off and refilled as usual. Friday is my call day at the BMW dealer and I asked if the fuzz was normal and how much would be too much.

They told me that fuzz was normal and the showed me a drain plug that also had a magnet in it. This was to replace the plug on my FD.which is at the 9 o clock position. Looked good so I got one, yet to install it. I was told to be careful as it was a very tight fit.

Has any one done this and does it pick up more fuzz?

50,000 miles and so far no problems with the FD.


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Hi Mrzoom


A little metallic fuzz on the ABS sensor or drain plug magnet is pretty normal. Remember the ring and pinion gear have continuous tooth to tooth rubbing contact so little fine metallic particles do result.


A good rule of “fuzz” if you will is; to rub the fuzz between your finger and thumb. If the fuzz is soft and smooth it is good fuzz, if the fuzz is sharp and ragged then it shows a possible internal problem.


On the magnet question? Yes adding a drain plug magnet is a good thing. In fact the later 1200 final drives with the bottom drain plug come from the factory with that magnetic drain plug. Having yours half way up the side of the drive isn’t quite as good as on the bottom as the metallic particles drop to the bottom but still better than none at all.


The big problem on the 1200 final drives is the magnetic drain plug won’t show any upcoming large bearing problems as the large bearing is in it’s own sealed area and not exposed to the gear oil. As of late most of the 1200 final drive failures I have heard about are due to a failed large bearing.


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BMW has had a magnet in the trans/rear end and sometimes in the oil pan for many long times. What the guy said about soft and fuzzy was correct. when soft and fuzzy becomes poky and owie, it's bad. Big expensive dollar time. Very bad, sell the bike and get new.

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Hi notacop


Unfortunately BMW didn’t put a magnetic drain plug in the early 1200 final drives. The magnet didn’t show up on the 1200 until the bottom drain plug was added.


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