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Headlights permanently off


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My problem is that my low beams no longer switch on automatically when I start my 2007 R1200RT. I searched this site (found nothing relevent) and went carefully through my owners manual which merely says that they switch on automatically.


There is no indication on the dash that the low beams are burnt out. No yellow triangle or symbol. Everything else works like it should... high beams work fine.


I recently replaced my battery, and that may have been when it started. I noticed it about 300 miles after the battery was replaced, The battery install was normal (no complications). It was put on a battery tender plus immediately after installation, the battery tender did its job and the battery now reads 12.87 volts with the bike off.


Is there some series of button pushes that might have turned the low beams off permanently? Do I need to reset the computer somehow?


Thanks in advance for any help with this.



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Here's an old post, hope it helps'


On the canbus equipped beemers, you can turn off the headlights by holding down the signal cancel button for 5 seconds then immediately holding down the right turn signal for 5 seconds. No news here.


But on the ride home from work today I was bored and discovered that apparently the latest software updates this so that instead of having to "reboot" your bike to get your low beams back, you can simply toggle the low/high beam switch to enable the headlights and turn off the lampf! warning on the display screen.


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An odd one this.


Yes the low beams (two outer bulbs) should come on when the bike engine has fired up and is running.


No yellow triangles pop up when a bulb has blown, just a little tiny symbol of a bulb and an arrow indicating whether it's a front rear bulb gone.


I would try disconecting that battery for an hr or so then reconnecting and seeing if that helps. Sometimes a long battery disconnect can reset car/bike computer to default settings.


Worth a go I spose.


One other thing to try is a new bulb/s It's quite possible you have a fault in the bulb out warning system and maybe the bulbs are actually blown?


I've never heard of that but hey, yer never know.



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Thanks Gordon!


I just went out and toggled the low/high beam switch and it did not solve the problem so I must have the old software. Also, I am pretty positive that the cancel and right turn signal buttons were not held down in that sequence.


But the post suggested that I need to "reboot" but I see no ctrl-alt-del buttons :)


If rebooting will solve the problem how do I do this?



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OK, I got it to work! They are now on! The key was that I needed to cycle the low/high beam while the bike was running. When I tried it before the bike was "on" but not running. Thanks, Gordon and Hal!



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