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Dead at last...


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If I remember correctly, they magnetize the leaking well casing (or something like that) and have a sensor on the relief well drill. I read about it when they first started talking about drilling a relief well so I could be wrong.




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am amazed at the technology that allowed them to hit a seven-inch target 17,000 feet beneath the surface of the ocean.


I read the guy running that operation is the most best at this. That's why he was in charge of the event.


After reading what was in Popular Science BP kinda did a lot on the cheap 'cus "we never had a problem before".

Could be that more than one deep, high pressure drill could suffer the same results if exaggerated safety measures are not followed. My sister-in-law referred to the blow out as an oil volcano.


The only reason for all the law suits is to keep the lawyers busy making retirement money.

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