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Wenge/Hickory Project


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This is called a tapered, splined dovetail joint. The lid and dovetails are made of wenge and the box is made with Hickory. This one was tough, but a lot of fun to make.




This is the wood with two coats of polyurethane--there's no stain used on either of these woods.

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Not only is the box beautifully made, but that's a pretty impressive photo. Love how the grain matches up on that corner. Be so kind enough to let me know when you are taking orders for humidors...

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Dude, you're a woodworking maniac. I haven't felt the urge to engage in woodcraft since I finished my coffee table a year and a half ago, and you're making picture frames, cabinets, end tables, cigar boxes, cutting boards. and from the pics, it's all top-notch stuff; you've got fantastic attention to detail.


How 'bout a burlwood dashboard for my RT? :grin:

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