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Wires by left fork on R1100RT


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1st post. Thanks for letting me join. I just bought a 2001 R1100RT a few weeks ago. I love it and almost put 1000 miles on it now. I have a question about some wires inside the faring on the left side. There are exposed wire spades and connectors. Anyone else have these sticking out? They seem like they should be plugged into something or covered.

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If your bike has the radio prep kit installed but no radio I quick guess would be those wires are for a radio installation, either future or removed from a past installation.


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Welcome to the board.

They may also be from a farkle the previous owner had installed. As far as I know BMW did not use spade connectors. What color are the wires?

Fill out your profile a bit so we know what part of the world you live in. There might be a member near you that can assist.

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I updated my profile. I wish I didnt have to work this weekend there is a BMW gathering at Octoberfest in Chippewa Falls, WI on Sunday. I will try to get pictures. Also is there any wire diagrams on line for a 2001 rt?

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