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Fog light lens filters


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I used to have some small driving lights that used a hard plastic filter between the bulb reflector and the lens to give the lights a strong yellow color. These lights were very noticeable in the daylight and added another level of conspicuity (sp?). I can't find these lights anywhere but have found a light of similar size, however, it doesn't have the filters. I don't think the filter film for theatrical lighting will work because it is not stiff enough to self support inside the lens and a photo filter would be too expensive. anyone have an idea where to get somthing cheap that will work for this and stand the heat of the bulb (35w)?



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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Since I own a KLR, everything I do is on the cheap. At least that's the conventional wisdom.


Yellow high lighter or marker? Yellow high temp paint cut with thinner or spirits? If the lamps are cheap, abrade the lens on the outside and try the paint.


A downside is that anything filtering light may drive up temperatures inside the lamp leading to early bulb failure. Those filtered wave lengths don't get out and bounce around inside sometimes converting to longwave radiation that creates heat.

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MR16 (same bulb as used on Motolights) are available in any color you want, and are cheap - usually under $10. Much easier to buy a new colored bulb than to mess with filtering.



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