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94 11rs seat options


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I have a 1994 11rs and the stock seat is a single bench which is unadjustable. I have seen other bikes from the same year that have a dual adjustable seat. I want to know what my options are in upgrading the seat? How do I when all the after market are for the dual adjustable housing, rather than the bench? I have no clue what to do, the seat upgrade is already going to be a pretty penny, but I cant do anything until I fix the first problem. Any help would be great!

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You will likely need to send your seat off to a custom builder such as Russell,Rick or Rocky Mayer,Rich's.

All are very experienced with BMW seats.

They can make a variety of height and position adjustments to suit your taste.







If you are in California or on the west coast,you can do a"ride in" to get the best fit,otherwise you need to follow the seat ordering instructions on their websites.You will likely need to ship them your current seat,as the RS solo saddles are pretty rare and they would build you a new seat using your current seatbase.


You may be able to find a custom dual seat setup from one of the above named builders on one of the BMW specific websites flea market.

www.ibmwr.org is one of the biggest.


Check the flea market here and post a want ad.


Not sure if there is additional mounting hardware needed for the dual.

www.AScycles.com has online exploded view parts diagrams,you may be able to find info there.


www.beemerboneyard.com is a good source for parts and accessories from used/wrecked bikes and may have saddles.


I have only seen one of these solo saddles in the past,when I owned a 95 RS and was paying close attention to such things.



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