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AZ Hwy 191 -- Coronado Trail

Johnny Jetson

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Recently there have been a number of references in this forum to the famous AZ Hwy 191 from Springerville to Morenci, AZ. The attached link has about 180 pictures of that ride, many of which will give you a great idea of why it ride has become so famous.


Ignore the author's bike (they, too, have their place), and enjoy his story.


The long weekend ride from Phx is often done as a loop ride, including 191 from Springerville to Morenci, and 180 from Silver City NM back to Alpine, AZ.


In this story, the writer makes a side trip into the tiny historic mining town of Mogollon, NM -- a worthy bonus touch for a rally if ever one existed.


The pictures of the loop ride start on about pg 4, the map of the loop is Pic #1.


Enjoy the pix, and spend an extra day in AZ to ride the Coronado Trl (Chamber of Commerce paid endorsement) (up travelog music ...):







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