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School bus driver ran red light

cris nitro

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I am sitting in my truck at a 5 way intersection this morning (dark still) behind a motorcycle waiting for the light to turn green. This particular light splits it's time 3 ways, green both ways for the main road I am about to turn onto and alternating red for the cross road I am on. IOW, I get green and go, my side turns red and then the other side gets their green/turn. On the other side of the intersection is a school bus waiting for his green. Well, the main direction gets yellow, then red and we get our green. The bike and I come into the intersection and the school bus blatently ran his green and just about hit the bike turning left.

I follow the bus, get his #'s and call the bus company and report it. I feel a little bad, I don't want the guy to lose his job, but what he did was pretty ignorant. BTW, I'll get over it.


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If someone is THAT bad a driver, and shows no regard for other vehicles, they SHOULD loose their job! I spent ten years as a truck driver, and understand being a "professional drive". A School bus driver here in CA WOULD loose his cert for something like that!

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I'm confused just reading the description of the signal sequence. Bus driver probably was too. Since it was dark, it is easy to watch opposing signals go green and go.

In any event, reports from motorists complaining about commercial drivers without proof the event happened means nothing happened to the school bus driver. At most, a comment from the supervisor who took your call. It basically comes down to your word versus the word of the bus driver.

BTW, it is a rare occasion when someone admits to a cop they ran a red light. Almost everyone will say the light was yellow or green.

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I agree about the final outcome with nothing probably happening, but I hope at least the supervisor talks to the driver so the driver is aware that he is "being watched" so to speak.

As far as the light sequence, my description made it more confusing than it really is. I am at that light every day and I know the sequence, he/she blatently ran it. It's not like it was green going to yellow going to red. He was sitting at a red light and just took off thru it, almost hitting the biker.

Oh well, I do feel better.

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I have called many of those "How am I driving?" numbers over awful drivers over the years.


Back in 2000 when I got my first cell phone (and most people did not have one) a city bus cut me off and I immediately called and reported the driver. About a week later I got a call from a guy who said he was the supervisor and he had spoken to the driver the regarding the problem and the driver apologized to me for cutting me off. I was very surprised and this never happened again.


I got called back one time by a parent who put one on his kid's car and he didn't believe me and defended his son. If you have to put a sticker on your kid's car, your kid probably shouldn't be driving.


I've had a couple companies that got angry at me. I'm guessing the person who answered the phone was a friend of the driver, so I gave up there, but the vast majority are answering machines/services and I've never heard back.

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We all have a moral obligation to get as many poor/inadequate drivers off the road as possible.

Especially a school bus driver. You want your kid on their bus?

Make the world a safer place for all of us. Don't use your blue tooth phone while riding though...don't be a hypocrite!

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