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Need help form Transit 2 jacket owners


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I bought a Transit 2 jacket based on the recomendations from many people on this site. It fits great and the quality is outstanding for a jacket of this price. My big attraction to this jacket was its venting. I liked how the snaps could keep the vents open. However, I have noticed that the wind likes to fill the jacket up with air so fast it feels like its ripping the jacket off me. It gets better if I keep the vents closed a bit but that sort of defeats the purpose of all that venting. I dont have the liner in and the back vent is open to allow for airflow. I have also noticed the front vertical vents like to close of on their own. The velco will seal it up and I dont see a place for a snap to hold it open. Any one else experience this? Any ideas to make this work better? I have now been using the jacket on my Vstrom but before that I was wearing it on the K1200RS. Neither bike has a ton of wind protection but both bikes have a fair amount of wind protection I wouldnt expect this. I am darn near fed up with this jacket becasue when the wind catches it can pull me so hard I feel like it wants to pull me off the bike. I am looking to see if I am jsut SOL or if there is something I am doing wrong.

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