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Can't shut off engine!


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Had a nice run up to Whistler over the weekend on my '02 R1150RT, but it was dumping rain the entire day. When we stopped for coffee I turned the key to the off position, but the engine kept running (only the radio actually shut off). I hit the kill switch, but it had no effect. I put it into gear with the kick stand down, and it killed the engine, but the headlight and dash were still lit. I pulled a relay that was clicking on and off from the fuse box and everything went dark, plugged it back in and everything remained dark. Same thing happened each time we stopped, until the bike dried out in underground parking overnight.


The fuse box was bone dry. The bike has had an 'always on' headlight/running lights kit installed before I bought it 3 years ago, not sure if that could cause a problem if it got wet, or if it's the ignition switch.


Thought someone may have run across this before and could pinpoint the problem before I start ripping things apart!


As a side, the next day was clear and the roads dry for a great run up 99 from Whistler to Lillooet. Highly recommended if you ever get the chance!





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Is the after-market signal flasher/running lights a Kissan Signal Minder? It should be a plug-and-play replacement for the original flasher module and it should be located inside the fuse box. Not likely the culprit.


More likely is some kind of wiring short in the ignition harness that runs from under the fuel tank, around the left-hand side of the steering head to the ignition switch. Broken wires in this bundle are fairly common on 1100's.


Try letting the bike run in neutral on the center stand, and reach and wiggle the wires running around the steering head to see if anything happens (like the bike stalls). See if there is evidence that water is getting into the sheathing that holds these wires in a bundle.

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