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I didn't get lost but my "SPOT" did


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Before my trip last week I ask many questions about the “SPOT GPS” tracker and ended up buying one. Well the SPOT got lost. I rode from Denver to Abilene TX and it work great. My wife, my parents, my son and daughter were keeping track of me all day. I had talked to my brother about the best route and had decided one. I change my mind and went a different way and he was watching on the computer tell the computer I had missed the turn. I was very impressed with how well it worked.


A few days later I took out of Abilene and started to Oklahoma City and about Munday TX that’s right not Monday but Munday TX (how would you like to have Monday every day of the year) I discovered the SPOT had come off the bike. I had it mounted on the back trunk bag and had a very clear view of the sky but not a clear view to me. For some reason I thought I should check it and it was gone; I was sick. I pulled off the road and gave my wife and dad a call to let him know I was ok. They hadn’t seen me move in over 2 hours and were getting very worried. They thought I had run off into a ditch or something. After we talked a little while my dad called my brother with the coordinates and my brother plugged the coordinates into his GPS and it took it right to the SPOT laying next to a hedge row about 30 miles from his house.


I had to ask myself is it good for people to know exactly where you are or should be, or would it be better to just call in every so often. I was very lucky when it came off the bike the SPOT landed upright so it would continue to give a location as to where it was so we could find it.


Its funny right before I left a little voice in my mind said “are you sure that will stay on there” I should learn to listen to that voice more often.


That my story and I am sticking to it. Had a great 1953 mile wonder around mid America and managed to get to see a lot of old friends.


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Thats amazing that you actually found it.

Otherwise I think it is probably a good choice if you ride alone that friends or family can check your progress. you could break down somewhere where your cell doesnt work and the lack of movement could get you help sooner than later. And i guess there is always the "off button" if you dont want to be followed.

just my 2 cents.


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The spot may be one of the only things you own that will tell you where it is when you lose it.


....providing you've subscribed to the 'Tracking' option and it is 'on'.

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I usually put the spot in the map section of the tankbag, but I didn't want to take the tankbag with me. I put my SPOT inside the topcase to see how it would work. Tracked just fine in there. Less likely to get lost.

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I mount mine two different ways. I got a RAM holder for it and used Gorilla Glue to attach a rare earth magnet. This sticks to my tank. Alternately, I use a carabiner to attach the case that came with the SPOT to my clutch cable.

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I've said this before but I think it is unwise and a serious mistake to mount the spot to your bike. What do you think the chances are that if you really need to hit the sos button that you will still be with your bike? If you run off the road , hit a deer, high side, etc... I think you will most likely be separated from your bike and possibly not able to get to it. Sure someone will eventually see that you haven't moved for a while but that may be a couple of hours which could make all the difference. I keep my spot on my arm with the armband that comes with it. Just my opinion.



07 RT

09 KLR

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Point taken but I think that the chances of being separated from your bike and conscious but hurt badly enough that you can't get to the bike, yet are in an isolated area where there is no one around to render assistance is unlikely enough that I'm willing to take the risk.

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