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R1200ST windshield


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I'm looking for recommendations on a windshield for the R1200ST.


I've tried a taller one but without the wind on my chest all the weight is on my wrists and uncomfortable. At 6' I'm still getting some wind and turbulence at the top of my helmet.


Now I'm thinking about going a little shorter than stock to get my helmet in clean air in the normal riding position.


When riding with the stock shield I get turbulence at the bottom of my helmet but when I sit up and get in clean air it quietens down.


It seems I can't make a luxury touring bike out of this one and probably don't want to but I'm open to suggestions on what has worked for you.



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I've tried a taller one but without the wind on my chest all the weight is on my wrists and uncomfortable.


Do more sit ups. You should be supporting your body with with your abdominal muscles, not your arms and wrists.

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I am 6'0" and had the same issue with mine. while the V shaped windshield does a great job of sheeting rain and drizzle over my shoulders and around my helmet there was always a bit of turbulence from it. While it sounds questinoable, I agree woth TestPilot - increase core strength and sit up a little more. Otherwise you will be looking at modifying your windscreen or one that you buy in order to get a shorter windscreen as all the aftermarket solutions will make the problem worse.


I solved mine by doing an ear-plug comparo and never riding without them in.



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What windshield are you using, Karl?


I have the stock windshield. I'm 5'8" and usually ride with the windshield in the full up position. I still get a bit of buffet around my face shield, but not nearly as much as with the windshield full down.

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I am using a Cee Bailey's in their "replica" cut design, but it seemed to create a bit less turbulence than the stock windshield. I think their taller designs look a little out of place on the ST, but I've heard that they work well.

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I practiced good posture coming to work this morning and the wrist issue is ok (I'm still on my learning curve coming off 5 years on a K1200LT).


I am getting wind at mid visor level in the low position and just on the top of the helmet with windshield in the high position.


I've lowered the seat for the trip home and will see how that works.


Also, my handlebars are on top of the triple clamp. Perhaps if I lower them to the next lowest position under the triple clamp that will help.


Keep those suggestions coming - thanks!



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