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Suggested Houston BMW dealer/service shop


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I will soon be relocating from Canada to Houston. I need to get hooked up with a good BMW service center right away so I can get my speedo converted from kph to mph in order to register it. Can anyone recommend a dealer on west side, on close side to downtown or thereabouts?

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Make sure it really is a requirement to have the speedometer in miles. Maryland has a fairly detailed inspection to register a out-of-state or sold bike. The speedometer can be in kph, as long as it works.

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Wild West Honda/BMW/KTM in Katy is on the west side of Houston. Near the intersection of I-10 and Grand Parkway (99). 281-392-8940


Gulf Coast BMW is on the southeast side of Houston but much closer to downtown. 713-944-7951 Near the intersection of I-45 and College Avenue.

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I lived in Houston for 7 years sorta recently... and can say the motorcycle "inspection" was not all the detailed. Look at lights, brake lights, and not much more. Of course if you get an officious inspector other things might pop up.


As for dealers... the one in Austin is probably your best dealer... the one in South Houston... don't get me started... if any locals can tell good things about it then I would love to hear them.



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