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wiring diagrams


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So many resources on line for free, but I have not come across wiring for the RT.

As NonComp says, in the Haynes manual.

I was very dissapointed when I bought my BMW Maintenance CD with what I believed to be electrical section and found nothing in there.

I felt BMW were being a little naughty not including them. when the CD cost so much.

My other manufacturers manuals - such as Honda always had them in - and indeed the manual was in so many languages too!




Happy searching.

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try this guy :




I can't help think that if he is charging $19 for a diagram, and it is the whole diagram on 1 sheet, then it can't be very good information and you'd be better off with a manual.



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I bought the BMW wiring diagrams from the dealer. And it covered all bikes 1993 up to 2008. It cost, I think, around $80. It gives the pin numbers for all plugs and its in all languages. The part is #01797720399. I figured if someone needed the info I would let them borrw the disk for $5 to defray the costs and they could print out everything on their bike. I'ld give it here but, on dial up it takes 15 minutes per meg and the files are big.

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