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wont start


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I just got back after week off and have bike on lift to look at. It is '05 1150rtp and has power. Turn key on and I can hear abs do its thing but nothing else. I have headlights and all fuses check good. RID is showing clock and nothing else. Apparently it was having some issues last week...(1) it won't restart after some stops. (2) cuts out at random speeds/rpm (3) fuel/temp guage do not function when 1 or 2 is happening. Someone had did some sidestand switch diagnosing, so when I found it this morning it was better to replace it with good used one. Dash lights are working correctly and I pulled and tugged on ignition switch wiring and seemed to get nothing that would point me to ignition switch. Ideas??

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You could try checking the Kill switch ( try switching on / off a few times whilst watching the RID and make sure its in the centre / on ).

Check the loom just down from the ignition switch for a broken wire may have to cut the sleeve open ).

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If I undestand correctly, you have replaced the sidestand switch?


Mine did this a couple of weeks ago, and it was the sidestand switch connector on the left side up near the fuse box not making good connection. No RID (except for clock), no fuel pump, no start


When it did start, it would cut out at around 4000 RPM due to vibration.


If it will start, give that connector a tap and see if it gives you any symtoms.


Ended up wiring around the connector on mine and all is well.

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