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Crankshaft issues


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A couple of days ago I was riding on the freeway and my engine starting to make a weird noise and then just shut off. I was able to safely get to the shoulder, where I got her started again and rode to the nearest exit then called AAA. Took it to the dealer who told me that the crankshaft was effed up. Apparently this could cost anywhere between $2700-6000 to repair because it's labor intensive and they want to replace seals and such while they have the engine apart. He said it might be cheaper but he was giving me the worst case scenario. Seems it would be cheaper to just put in a rebuilt engine. Anyone have this issue before? What would you do?

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Crankshaft huh? and this is based on what pray tell?


If it is truly a damaged crank a complete engine swap can be done much cheaper. There are plenty of engines on the secondary market under $1000.

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Hi Dave


Very few engine failures on the 100/1150 BMWs. On the few that happen it is usually something else involved like running out of oil or poking a hole in the crankcase or sabotage.


Without you furnishing more specific info on how the failure happened or what exactly is wrong with your engine it is just a guessing game on our part.


It sounds like even your dealer isn’t sure on the amount of damage or what all is required to repair your engine, therefore his worst case scenario.


One problem with just rebuilding your engine is unless the dealer finds the real root cause or causes of your engine failure and removes those threats you could fail the rebuilt engine again in the future.


What you need to do first is determine exactly what is wrong with your engine then go from there. If you really do have a crankshaft failure then money wise you will probably be way ahead to install a good used engine instead or rebuilding yours. Putting 6K into the engine of a bike that is worth about 7-8K makes no sense.


What would “I” do. – I would first find out EXACTLY what failed and why. Then if it really is a crankshaft or major internal engine part I would find and install a good quality used engine. Also there is a chance on that 1150 that the transmission input splines are about ready to fail so looking at those before sourcing parts for the engine would be first priority.


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if the dealer's professional diagnosis was that the "crankshaft is effed up", I think I would be taking it elsewhere.


Please have your dealer share with you the specifics on why they want to replace the crank. They owe you at least an intelligent explanation of the problems. And yes, a swapped engine would be a bunch cheaper.



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It could be the dealer is right, bit it sounds a little odd. Ask why the crank is messed up, or what about it is wrong. How much oil pressure does it have ? Any? Was it full of oil?


Ask to see the parts even if you don't know what they are supposed to look like.


Just ask the dealer a bunch more questions. maybe we can help, maybe not.



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Hey guys. Sorry, I didn't mean to be vague. The dealer didn't say "effed up" I think I just said that because it was late at night and I'm mad at the whole situation. The dealer said that the bike was dangerously low on oil when he looked at it. I remember checking it recently, so I'm not sure if it really was low on oil or if engine problems caused it to be low on oil. Anywhooo... I was told that the "big end bearings have frozen and or broken allowing there to be more play on the crank shaft than there should be thereby causing damage to the crankshaft." I got an estimate of $5400 today. This is because they would make the repair and also replace various seals, bearings, shells, etc. They estimate about 28 hours of labor. I was thinking that swapping the engine would be the best option, but I'm having trouble finding one.

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Anyone know of a good source for a used engine near Los Angeles? It seems that to buy one and have it installed by the dealer is going to be extremely costly.

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Beemer boneyard or perhaps cycles recycled may have what you're looking for.


As for a mechanic, I avoid my dealer because of the costs...


check here ibmwr.org. You should be able to find something.


If I recall correctly, I was at my local independent guy, and he was putting in an ebay motor in a 1200LT, or something, and I think he said that he was gonna charge the guy $600 cash.


You might talk with your mechanic about the best course, or what exactly you ought to buy, before getting a motor with all the bells and whistles still attached.

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