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Hot Cylinder


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Perhaps a plugged/defective fuel injector. They have a debris screen that you can visually check, and swapping sides will tell you if the problem goes with the injector. They are easy to remove and will swap side to side.

Also, a big air leak downstream of the throttle body will cause a lean mixture......Check the boot and "O" rings.

Good Luck.

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What should I check first?


Hi mikenh


Check the side to side TB balance first that would be my first guess. Look for a stone or something caught in the throttle cable cam. If you have a twin spark model then next on the list would be the lower spark plug or the stick coil. See if it will operate on just the upper plugs then just the lower plugs. If you have a single sparker then disregard the stick coil and lower plug issue.

Otherwise check the valve adjustment and compression on both sides.


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My right exhaust/cylinder is running hot. The inner fairing is damaged and I can feel the difference.


What should I check first?


What bike have you got? Model & Year


The fairing is damaged? I suggest that if it is damaged, the bike has been left stationary for a while with the engine running. This can happen irrespective of bad running.


What do you mean you can feel the difference - what feeling have you got.


How do you know the right side is running hot?


I'm not trying to be obstructive, I am trying to get to a root cause.


All the best



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Do you leave the bike idling while stationary for longish periods?


The Righthand side is worse for this than the left because it is much more constricted and generates a hot spot.


What are the syptoms that you say you can feel.


Have you had a look at the colour of the spark plugs and compared left to right?



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