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2011 1200rt


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New BMW R 1200 RT features: The audio package for the 2011 BMW R 1200 RT has been upgraded. It now features integrated Bluetooth audio and telephone handsfree kit connectivity and improved menu navigation software.

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Here's the marketing mumbo jumbo germlish from their website


"In addition to wide-ranging expansion of the special audio equipment features in the BMW R 1200 RT, it is in particular the unusual variations in the BMW Motorrad paint color program which will provide a whole new and fascinating look for numerous models next year."




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Bluetooth Helmet Rider equipment


BMW Motorrad communication system

Stay on air – even when cornering.

A fully networked solution for a more immersive riding experience

Can be fitted very quickly by dealers, no irritating trailing wires

Highly user-friendly controls for maximum safety and convenience

Connects via Bluetooth to pillion passenger helmet, mobile phone, music player and BMW Motorrad ZUMO and Navigator 3 navigation systems

High-quality construction, designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor use








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