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Light Bracket for RT-P


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I am hoping someone out there can help with a bracket they took off and dont need. I bought a used 04 1150RT-P for escort work and off duty neighborhood patrol. I have bought all of the white LED lights to replace the blue ones that were on the bike. The only thing I am missing is two brackets that hold the two front facing lights that mount to the fairing on each side. The lights are made by Code 3 and are rectangular in shape, about 2" x 5". I have the two brackets that mount to the fairing, but there is another piece that connects to it to hold the LED light. So far no luck finding them, any ideas?

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Let me know if you find anything...I just recently bought a 98 1100rtp and need some of the cop stuff that was removed from my bike. I'm sure its out there since so many of these bikes have been stripped, parted out and sold to the public. Need the rear light assembly and upper rear cross member for the city cases crash bars.

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WOW talk about dedicated!

you spent your own money to buy a bike to patrol your neighborhood w/o pay when your Off duty???


if you are a police officer why don't you just use the red/ blues that are made for it?? assuming you are uniformed?


sory for the off topic but MY HATS TO YOU SIR!!

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Those brackets are available over the parts counter at your local BMW dealer.

There is a BMW police bike website that includes all the part numbers and wiring schematics. I don't have the link at the moment, someone else should know.

Might be cheaper and more convenient just to apply for motors next time there is an opening your agency.

I found the link.


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I bought the bike to do part time jobs with as the market is very good. I will be able to retire in 6 months and we can keep our POST certification by attending class once a year. Then we can keep our uniform and sworn officer status and work our part time jobs. Besides that, our department rides Harleys and that would be no fun.

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