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-- Help w/ Big Mak Tank Bag --


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I just picked up a (used) Big Mak Tank Bag for my 1150RT. I don't want to use the bag AND baseplate for my daily commute.


Some time ago, I thought I saw an alternate mounting scheme that allowed quick connect/disconnect of the mounting plate. I searched about but did not come up with anything. I don't like the look of the bike with the 'naked' baseplate. Am I left with mounting/remounting the base plate with the BM hardware?


Thanks in advance.


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I would think you'd be able to replace the two baseplate screws with quarter-turn fast ons. Mine is painted the same color as the bike (blak) so it's not a big deal to me.





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You did, a member (don't recall) made some that were ez to remove,\.

Personally, I use the Big Mak DSC which is smaller (made to go on top of other bags) and always ride with it.

Tradeoff for convenience.

I don't mind.

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