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I need a new battery


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My battery is really old and is not holding a charge. Is there a list of battery suggestions here some where? This one is a gel cell but I've never been thrilled with it so I'm looking for suggestions please.

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Agree with Phil on the AGM. Far superior to a Gel, no matter what brand you get. I have the Odyssey PC680, a bit higher cost but has held up extremely well.

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I went the cheaper batter route on the first replacement battery. Ended up with a PC 680 last time. The difference in cranking speed ( even comparing "new" battery condition as well as I could remember ) is quite noticeable. Just spend the few extra dollars on the PC 680. My $.02

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Yes, that is a good price :thumbsup: Fess up now, where did you get it.


I just purchaesed an Odessy PC680 at Batteries Plus for $109.50 (plus tax $118.53) and I didn't have to wait for shipping! :)

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Well, after 6+ years I think my OEM battery is about to check out. After listening to the bike crank real slow before firing up yesterday, I headed out and noticed my clock had reset.


I think I'll go ahead and get the Odyssey, but when I went to the Batteries Plus website, they list a PC680-P and a PC680MJ-A, with the latter being about $18 more. Anyone here know what the difference is, and is one preferred above the other for a 2004 1150RT? Also, do you need buy some special adapter terminals for the RC680's or do they come with them. I seem to remember a post about that a while back.


Finally, $109 seems to be a great price at BP, how did you get that? Was there a sale or coupon code? The website is showing me $134/$152 for the 2 versions (I did find a 10% off code for online orders, but was planning to just go to my local store and buy one).



John L.

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Hi John


The "MJ" means Metal Jacket. Basically that battery has tin wrapped around it.


And on a 2004 the Metal Jacket will have to be removed. (DAMHIKT)

You can make your own adapters out of 1/2 inch copper pipe.

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+ 1 on having to remove the metal jacket. I bought the MJ several years ago because that was the only PC680 they had at the store and I was 40 miles from home. Plus I had the left tupperware off and the old battery removed.


If anybody wants the MJ let me know, it is now holding nuts, bolts and screws.

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