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800ST Oil Change


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Does anybody know the correct metric drain bolt plug size so I can go ahead and get the proper six-point socket and not booger up my drain plug? First oil change on my 800ST. Been there done that on other bikes and don't want to buy a new drain plug...TIA

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I don't know who put the frigging drain plug on this bi**h but they really torqued it down. It is rounding off with my 6 point 24mm socket and I cannot get it off. I have given up. I will take it to my local independent shop and let them get it off for me. I went ahead and ordered a new drain plug from Bob's. It looks like there is no crush washer installed. How frustrating...Crikey

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I don't understand it. I have heard so many with that problem. I guess the washer helps, and then not cranking it down so tight.

With any stuck bolt, you can tap on the wrench with a hammer.

The shock/tap sometimes will break it loose. That's before it rounds off.

Sometimes you have to give it a good whack, but it may break it loose.


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I worked on quite a few of the 800s and they are all like that even when torqued properly.... very difficult to get loose.


I have a 24mm "special" socket that I turned off the radius on the entry to the hex part of the socket so that it is completely square with the drain plug hex. the problem is that the drain plug is so shallow, not much surface area for the socket to grab.


I use the special socket and a long breaker bar in 1/2" drive.... works every time without damage. Torque to 40 Nm and use a new crush washer.


Good Luck

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My 6 point impact socket fits her like a glove. Is this plug made with some cheap Harbor Freight aluminum or something...I even tried my impact wrench (lightly) but this booger is on there and it looks like a chisel is the only way to go at this point. I didn't want to do any more damage to her so into the shop she goes Saturday for new PRIIs and and an oil change I didn't want to pay someone else to do.

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Lots of folks with 800's both ST/S and GS have had the same problems for years. The factory hasn't figured which bobo is doing these up so tight. The oil filters are giving first time DYI guys fits too. I used a 15/16th 12 point and a 24mm interchangeably when working the plug, no problems.

I also used a strap wrench and a giant water pump pliers on the oil filter first time.

Haven't had another issue in 40K miles.

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I have never seen a drain plug flake off the way this one did. I have done a hundred motorcycle changes and never had this much trouble...


Notacop, just read your old post concerning this on the F800 site. Thanks for the help.

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The factory hasn't figured which bobo is doing these up so tight.


Ok, I worked in a BMW bike dealer for 3 years and I can tell you that these drain plugs are just fine when you use the correct tools etc. with them. They are hard to loosen EVEN when torqued to the correct 40Nm spec. I don't believe that there is a "bobo" at the factory responsible. It is a large diameter plug and crush washer with an equally large contact surface area that seems to "lock" after several hot/cold cycles.


Your results may vary :S


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OK...it took a chisel and a hammer to get the oil drain plug off. The BMW dealer's mechanic who did the previous oil change torqued it down so tight the crush washer was almost sheared in half. I feel a lot better about doing my next oil change on this bike...

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