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R1200RT Stumbling advice needed


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I have a 2005 R1200RT with a very annoying low opening throttle problem. When I gradually open the throttle nothing happens initially and then all of a sudden the RPMs jumps. Instead of smooth and progressive, it is jerky. engine Conversely as I roll off the throttle just before it is closed the RPMs drop like a rock. At slow speeds this cause bucking as it is more like a light switch than a smooth increase of power, especially between 1,000 and 3,000 rpms. I like to work on my bikes and prefer to resolve this one myself.


The bike has 16k miles and was serviced at 12k miles by a certified shop. I bought the bike with 13k and inherited the problem so not sure what led up to it.


My first inclination is it is either TPS or throttle sync. I pulled the plugs and they are burning clean, and not too lean. Below is my plan of attack but would appreciate advice from others here.


1. Reset the TPS. Allow the ECU to reset using the standard procedure of disconnecting the battery

2. Balance the throttle bodies

3. Replace the spark plugs

4. Check the Charcoal canister for gas


5. If that does not solve the problem, then buy the GS911 diagnostic tool and pull the fault codes and read the stats for potential source of the problem.


What am I missing?


TIA! Cal




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Welcome Windyducat it's good to have you on the block.

This should really be posted under the Hexhead forum - so hopefully it will be moved to that space by our kindly moderators to get a better response.



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