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Pretty Yellow Duc


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I wanted to share a few photos of my new little Italian hottie. I have not had the chance to take any pictures outside in good light, but these came out okay considering the horrible fluorescent lights in my garage.


It's hard to believe this is a nearly 10 year old Ducati. I'm very pleased with it. It produces lots of torque and has by far the smoothest throttle response of any bike I have ever ridden. The list of upgrades done by the previous owner is phenomenal...


Termignoni carbon exhaust with polished nickel plated headers, Marchesini forged wheels, Ducati Corse subframe, STM crank breather and clutch slave, new Bridgestone BT106 tires, Spiegler bars, Barnett clutch, every piece of Ducati carbon fiber, Ferracci chip, 916 oil cooler, carbon fiber airbox, Ottinoto rear sets, and upgraded Brembos







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It's ugly. But you are in luck. I've been looking for an ugly bike.


I'll give you $1500. :wave:



The ugly will cost you $1500. The fast... $5000. The sexy... priceless. :D

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