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Feeler gages .15 and .30 mm, in Canada?


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Those handy dandy feeler gages with the neat little plastic handle, shown in the Valve Adjustment for Dummies, any of our Canadian retailers carry those, or are we condemmed to purchase 4 of the whole 20 (or so) leaf set?

I am 200 km away from a BMW dealer, in case someone suggests that.

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Found no feeler gauge sets for $1.50 at Princess Auto on Dixie Road or Thickson Road in Whitby? Throw away the leafs you don't like.


BTW, inquiring minds always want to see what the pre-existing slop was before setting to spec (or to Lentini specs as I do, 8 and 14 on the Ancient Scale). You need a bigger set to work with.



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